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Messier 3 under the full moon


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Messier 3, in the constellation of canes venatici
I decided to not let the moon get in the way of some deep sky imaging, So this is my first ever deep sky image from when the moon is full. I usually just stick to the planets during this time but decided to try something new. a stack 6 x 25 second exposures at iso800, stacked in deepskystacker.
captured using a skywatcher explorer 200p on an EQ5 mount Ra driven unguided with a Nikon D50 at prime focus.


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24 minutes ago, alacant said:

Love it. I've just started ap myself and this is inspiration enough. Never done a globular. And only 25s's. Gonna include it on my next clear night. Thanks for posting.

Thanks mate,  that means a lot to me?

i didnt want to expose more than 25 seconds to keep the core brightness down?

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