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SynScan warning?

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Hi, after I do the 2 star alignment and get the " Alignment Successful " message, if I hit Enter one more time I get this warning message " CAUTION:  Prev. NPE  applied " What is this? Should I hit Escape after          " Alignment successful " At first I thought it was was something to do with the PAE but I had cleared that. Its an Orion XT8g goto Dob Alt/Az. Is it relative  for an EQ mount maybe?

SynScan 1.JPG

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Hi I get the exact same message on my synscan after alignment it doesn't seem to affect my scope in anyway I've contacted the place where I got it from they said they haven't come across message before.They are contacting manufacturer they said they would email me as soon as they hear I know this don't answer your question but as far as I can see it hasn't affected my scope.

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I get the same warning, and ignore it

You can have a look at this:


and section 11.7 in the synscan manual




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Ok, so it's nothing to worry about then. I only got the scope second hand about two weeks ago and updated the firmware to "3.36" as it was a fairly old version on it. I doesn't seem to effect the Goto  accuracy which seems quite good considering the scope isn't always perfectly level ( need to build a leveling base for it ).

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Right I downloaded the SynScan manual for version 3.36  and  apparently Cone Error " CE" and Non Perpendicular Error "NPE " are really only relative to EQ mounts and have little or no effect on AZ mounts so if you go into "Set Up" "alignment" and scroll down to Cone error and set everything to zero and then into NPE and set that all to Zero that will stop the "Caution" notification coming up after  "Alignment Successful " 

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