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I just saw the Beehive Cluster or M44 for the first time


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I just came in from a quick and cold viewing. As I was sweeping the sky east of Pollux and Castor, I came across a large open cluster that I estimated to be a bout 2 degrees across. I just looked up large open clusters near Gemini and found out I viewed the Beehive Cluster or M44. It's also known as Praesepe. In all my years of viewing DSOs with my scopes I never saw this. Possibly because it's so large that only about a quarter of it would have fit into my eyepiece FOV.

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7 hours ago, BinocularSky said:

Now go for Melotte 111, which is the other side of Leo. Even bigger!


4 hours ago, StarSapling said:

Give the Puppis region east of Sirius  a good sweeping.  It's a fantastic area for largish bins - clusters galore.

Thanks for the tip.

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