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M42 Reprocess

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A reprocess of M42, including some additional data from the 23rd, on top of what I got on the 10th.

Subs: 21 X 61 seconds @ ISO 800 + 6 X 9 seconds @ ISO 800 + 38 X 51 seconds @ ISO 800.

Camera: Canon EOS 1000d with 200mm lens @ f/5.6

Mount: EQ2, RA driven

I'm not entirely happy with the result, the colour seems to be a bit odd, and there isn't much detail. Does anyone have any suggestions for improving this? If so, please post!




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Shooting at an increased ISO would pull out more of the faint nebula detail.   21 x 60 min  @ iso 800 doesn't seem enough.   Having said that the core is still blown somewhat.

I just did a very similar shot but I just used 41 x 60 sec shots at ISO 1600 nothing else.   It did blow out the core a little and I should have done some shorter exposures as well and layered them in PS.

I think you could get more colour in post processing.  Were all the shots taken the same night ?


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