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Upgrading to latest synscan from older non upgradable version

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Hello all,

I have an old synscan version 2 which doesn't support firmware upgrades. I have a HEQ5 mount that I currently use it with. I've been thinking to buy a new synscan hand controller. Have a couple of questions in minds.

1) Is there any real benefit in buying a  newer controller?

2) Can I simply buy the new one and expect it to work fine with my mount? Any difference in gear ratios or anything I should consider?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


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6 hours ago, amkamal said:

Thank you every one. I am not entirely sure how old is my mount. I bought it second hand. Its not HEQ5 Pro so I guess its pretty old, works good though. 


Thanks Peter for you help. 

It must be a Pro mount if you are using a Synscan handset or at least an older HEQ5 with the Synscan upgrade.

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As Peter says above.  The only slight snag I ran into was that the motor firmware on the handset is not upgradeable from v1 to v2 without changing the hardware itself.  I imagine you currently have v1.  So as Peter says most things will work.

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