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ST80/ED80 flattener/Astronomik CLS filter/Synguider + More

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Hi all,

Got a lot of stuff sitting around I've been a little too busy to get out and use.  I'm in Birmingham so anyone is welcome to come and inspect before buying  Alternatively just add postage costs for whatever method you'd like it sent to you.

I've uploaded pretty honest pictures which you can zoom in a LOT when you click the link.  To be honest, everything is more or less like brand new as I have most definitely not used these things more than perhaps 10 or 20 times.  Real life caught up with me a little bit and I'm just observing rather than imaging.

Paypal/Bank transfer is fine.  Happy to provide any further information on request.


Skywatcher ED80 Flattener / Reducer - £115.00




Skywatcher Startravel 80 OTA - £70.00

Comes with accompanying 10mm, 25mm and barlow.



Astronomik CLS Filter for Canon - £80.00




Skywatcher Synguider - £110.00



ADM Minidovetail Guidescope Rings - 125mm   -    £55



ADM Vixen-Type Universal Dovetail - £28.00



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Totally welcome Rae.  Glad you're happy with it.

Doug, very sorry for not replying to you.  Again, I didn't get a notification you'd posted.  I will PM you now.

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