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Moonlite CR2 - any advantage if motorised?

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I would like to replace the stock focuser on my SW 200P and have been looking at the Moonlite options.

My aim is also to have this motorised at some stage. With this in mind, is there any advantage in the CR2 over the CR1, particularly as there is a £110 price difference which could be put towards the motorised focuser option.

I'd be interested in the thoughts of anyone else who has had this dilemma

Thanks in advance


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I have the CR2 on my 200p and  the reduction knob provides excellent fine focus control but if I'm honest, so does the main knob! It's so smooth an rotates with the slightest touch. 

If you're planning on adding the motor sooner rather than later then I think the CR1 would suit just fine. But perhaps if you plan on doing lots of planetary observing and it'll be a while before adding the motor the CR2 might be worth the extra.

i think FLO might still have some CR2s on offer so the price difference is less.

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Thanks. Opted for the CR1 in the end, and as it was on offer at FLO I put the saving towards the DC motorised attachment.

It works well, apart from failing to reach focus with some eyepieces, so needed to buy a focus extended, but a big improvement on the stock SW focuser.

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