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Help! How to get raws of 450D

Stub Mandrel

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Since installing Canon's utilities, when I view my Eos 450D as a disk drive, all the RAW images come up in file manager as local disks of size 0 bytes and i can't do anything with them.

I can import with EOS utilities, but (a) it's horribly klunky and you have to select frame by frame and (b) it takes an age to import the files.

Any suggestions?

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EOS Utilities is just the Camera Control software.  If you download the associated DPP and Image Browser EX software (Free) then you can do all sorts with your files.  I am a big fan of the software considering its free.

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The problem was how to get them from camera to computer without using Eos Utilities. The '0 byte drives' wouldn't copy across.

The solution has proven simple - I uninstalled all the canon programs. Now all the pictures on the camera appear as .crw files I can drag and drop them onto the computer again.

Perhaps something is incompatible with W 8.1?


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16 minutes ago, Stub Mandrel said:

Perhaps something is incompatible with W 8.1?


I am!

Try installing the Raw Plug In for Windows Live View, it allows you to visualize the Raw CR2 files as Thumbs, or even open them with Windows Live, before you do any work on them.


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