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Snow Moon-Jupiter Conjunction & GRS!!!!!


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First night out with the scope this year and WOW best one yet.

Jupiter had been slowly coming over the trees at the back of the house over the last month and at 8pm I could already see it through the trees next to a stunning full moon so decided to wait until 11pm to get the scope out. Even better I checked my JoveMoons app and the GRS was due out at perfect time all evening!

Lined up Jupiter (first time since the summer) and probably since the scope hadnt warmed up yet the disc was very blurry.. slowly but surely it got better and better until WOW GRS visible in all its glory and whats this? Colour!!? Bright orange in the spot. Yep first time in my life I was seeing planetary colour with my own eyes. Amazing. And the detail was so good you could even see the creamy-white circle around the spot.


Blown away tonight. Anyone else see the GRS tonight? 

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3 minutes ago, GrahamNW said:

Same here in  NW uk. 

I have never before seen planetary colour like the GRS tonight. Superb clear skies even with that moon washing things out. Jupiter was worh being a scope for alone this evening.

Was brilliant wasnt it? Amazed at seeing colour on a planet. Never thought my scope would be capable!!


My fingers are warming up now and I best get to bed for a 6:30am start!



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