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Thought i would post one

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Hi all,

I noticed that there was no star pics on here i know they are not as nice as a neb or galaxy but thought i would try.

So here is a pic of Vega.

Equinox 80,canon 350d at 2mins iso 800.




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Not a bad image Rob

Did you know Vega was the 1st star ever imaged back in 1850?

Im not sure why there are not many if any images of stars like Vega, Sirius, Arcturus etc posted....Maybe its because, although very visible, its difficult to get a decent image due to its mag and size it is in the night sky.......You cannot play around too much when it comes to processing images of the brightest stars without the image looking burnt out or like just another star......But im sure there are plenty of amateur astronomers out there that have taken and catalogued the brightest stars in our night sky. They may not make nice images like that are seen of galaxies and nebulae but the brightest stars play a big part in astronomy today, us as amateur astronomers would be lost without them for one when it comes to aligning our scopes :D ....why not add them to your list of objects imaged?

Many many lifetimes from now Vega will play a big part in any astronomers lives when it becomes once again the Pole Star, saying mankind is still around.......


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