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EXXOS 2 with GoTo help


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I had sold off my previous setup, and went with something lighter and easier to setup.  I looked around and found few reviews and bought the Exxos 2 mount with Goto for the Explore Scientific 152mm telescope.  I have done polar alignments with my previous setup on an equatorial mount.  I also did some astrophotography.  Anyway,  I get the new setup aligned to Polaris and it slews incredibly slowly towards the first star (Sirius), but it can not get it into the viewfinder (or the 30mm 82 degree eyepiece).  I get it slewed into position, then tell it another star.  The second star is usually even further off.  I tried Mizar one night and it moved over towards Andromeda (may have figured out why,  because in some text Mirach is referred to as Mizar...?) .  I can go on and on on the second star alignments being very bad.  Even after doing a 2 star alignment the scope is still way off (not within viewfinder, or eyepiece).  Tonight, the motor started skipping (run/ stop/ run/ stop) and not responding to commands.  I also have discovered, much to my dismay, that the mount with not track across the the southern sky (made a great star trail and the telescope stopped tracking).  I am setting up the computer with correct time/ date/ timezone and I even manually put in my correct Lat/ Long.  Do I have a bad mount? Anyone have one of these mounts that can give me help? other mount recommendations?  Living in the upper midwest I was trying to have a decent setup for under $2000, because of our frequently overcast nights.

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I recently bought this exact same mount. I have the EXACT same problem.   I have leveled the mount, polar aligned including setting the Polaris hour angle, as close to perfectly balanced the telescope as one can get, set date/time to the second, DST off, timezone to US Central (W6:00), lat and long to the nearest minute according to GPS. The problem is that EVERY thing that I tell it to go to, it misses by about 2 or 3 hours of RA and as much as 10 or more degrees in DEC. Once I correct it using the controls on the handbox, the tracking is PERFECT so I KNOW the alignment is spot on. If you have received any kind of answer, please let me know.



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