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atik vs Star light express


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I have had two Atik cameras now.

I purchased both second hand and haven't had any issues with them.

I have had to use Atik support on one occasion. I managed to step on the cigar plug end of the power adapter and crush it :icon_biggrin:. I wanted to purchase a replacement but wasn't sure what was compatible. I contacted Atik to ask if they could provide me with a reseller that could help but they sent me a new one free of charge instead. The fact that it was second hand and my own fault was a non issue to them (I did inform them). I find that level of customer service quite rare and a huge plus point for when I make future purchases.

I haven't owned a Starlight Express camera so can't comment on them.

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I'm on my 2nd Starlight Express camera, bought new following some years with a secondhand Mx716. Starlight express have helped me several times with the MX, even though I didn't buy it from them. Terry Platt is very good. Latest was fixing my camera lead when it broke last year.


As to Atik, they are really nice people too but I haven't had a chance to buy anything from them yet! 

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Facts only, here. No comments from me. My useage is commercial, so heavy.


I've used 2x Atik 16ic, 1x Atik 16HR, 2x Atik 4000, 1x Atik 32OE, 2xAtik 11000, 1 x EFW1, 2x EFW2.

Total problems encountered: cooler replaced on 16HR. Banding problem required replacement of new 11000.


I've used 3xMK1 Lodestar, SXVH36, EFW, OAG.

Problems encountered. Persistent cable connection issues on all Lodestars. (Please don't lsit the fixes, I know them all.) Inadequate cooling on SXV, improved by addition of external fan. Regular dewing of SXV due to lack of dessicant chamber and/or chip window heater. Refusal of SXV to work in bin 2X2. Suggested fix resulted in lost sensitivity and potentimeter reset to original setting. Binning abandoned. OAG allowed camera tilt. Fixed by making external support to top of camera.

After sales responsiveness: call it perfect for both firms.


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