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DSLR, OAG, Fliter wheel, focal reducer - will they fit?


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Following on from my post about which type of filter to buy I was wondering if anyone had managed to get a filter wheel and OAG in the 105mm back focus of the Celestron 0.7 focal reducer?

I think it might be possible like this:

OVL OAG                                    = 16mm

Starlight Express USB Filter wheel  = 29mm

Extension tube                             = 5mm

T-ring to sensor                           = 55mm

But it's a lot of money to spend if it doesn't work.

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What filters are you planning on using? If it is a flight pollution filter, then there is no reason for the filterwheel, just add it into the imaging train as it will always be used. As you are using a DSLR, I would get the 2" version and screw it directly in, or an EOS clip in filter or something like that.



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