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Hi all.

Recently purchased a Celestron Evo 6", only have the 2 Plossl eyepieces that came with it.

I also have purchased the Neximage 5 camera.

I'm hoping to get some planetary photos, and was considering a Barlow to effectively zoom the Neximage 5.


I have seen Barlows from £5 on EBay to over £100 - I'm not daft, I understand you get what you pay for. But what am I getting for £100 that £5 wouldn't give me?

Any suggestions for a reasonable lens? Celestron Omni and Xcel are springing to mind,  Again not sure what the difference really is in the real world and when connected to the Plossl EPs or the Neximage 5


Any help and advice would be great.



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I have owned before I got the powermate a barlow from Orion called the Ultrascopic. http://www.telescopehouse.com/orion-ultrascopic-barlow-1-25.html

I have owned a few barlows and I will say that without a doubt the Orion Ultrascopic was the best in my eyes. As its a long barlow you have enough range in the focuser to set it up to be parfocal with the native eyepiece you intend barlowing, once you set one up then theoretically all the other eyepieces you barlow should also be parfocal. Hope that makes sense.

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