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With so little imaging time recently and with the bright moon appearing on the first night in ages that I could get out, I thought it was about time I tried some planetary imaging. I've had a ZWOASI120MM for about 6 months and haven't used it for anything other than guiding up to now, so thought I would have a play.

Took several videos of the moon with 10,000 frames and 640x480 resolution and then processed via PIPP/Auto Stakkert/Registax and Photoshop.

The results I was quite pleased with. Some blur and I need to practice more with the camera/processing but, for first efforts, I was quite happy. Seeing wasn't great - it was a bit like filming the moon's reflection in a puddle - so happy with how they came out. Will try upping the resolution a bit for future goes - is there an optimum people use?

I also pointed it at Jupiter really quickly and, although it is a bit rubbish, I was glad that the GRS showed up - so more work to do there, but preferably on a night where the seeing is better. Jupiter was quite low down when I shot it, so the atmosphere really didn't help.

Anyway, glad I had a go as it gives me something to play around with on future nights when the moon is bright.








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1 hour ago, Nukemninja said:

Really cool! Especially like the third down is it the Sea of Serenity? 


I believe it is the Sea of Imbrium and Crater Plato.

But playing with these made me realise how amazing the moon is to view and how little I know about it!

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