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Crab revisited

Stub Mandrel

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A widefield of the Crab Nebula and Zeta Tauri.

Someone was asking about lengths of unguided subs, these were 2 minutes at 400mm, but the thread made me take a more critical look at them and I ended up stacking just under half of them, and I think this is much better than my original image - stars are much tighter and better defined. It's also cropped, just because the original field of view was very wide. Might suffer a bit from jpegging.

The jpeg made the background look a bit green so I've quickly redone it with a dose of HLVG, but left the colour balance as is because I think the star colour is the best bit of this one.




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It's good to see the Crab in the context of its surroundings. Not a view I've seen before, either in scope, binos, or any images. At the eyepiece, you don't always get such a great sense of scale on these objects. Nice one!

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