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Walking on the Moon

Jellyfish Nebula with bokeh


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Yet another collaboration between Francois Theriault in New Brunswick, Canada, and me. Francois provided some great detailed narrowband data on this nebula and after processing it I wondered what it would look like if I aligned it on top of a DSLR image I have of the same object, taken through a hazy sky near the horizon, so quite blurry. I think the end result is quite interesting as it gives the impression of sharp focus on a subject against a blurred background - what earth photographers call bokeh. Many will probably just think it looks odd (I did that at first).

Equipment 200mm Newtonean and SBIG ST8300 with Baader filters for the narrowband and an ES 127ED refractor with Canon 60Da for the blurry background.

Jellyfish FT narrow + GN PS2crop3 less starsd.jpg

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