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Mounting a DSLR on the 130P-DS


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Hi all,

I've been following the 'Imaging with the 130pds' thread and have been very impressed with the images shown.

Obviously I need some sort of adapter to mount my Nikon D800 to the scope and was wondering what else was required.

Unfortunately I'm about a 400Klm round trip away from being able to physically inspect the scope so have to rely on the WWW.

I've found the scope on FLO's site and looking at the pic raises some questions.

- My D800 with battery grip weighs around 3lbs. Is the mount on the scope metal and will it easily support this weight?

- Is there sufficient room between the camera mount and the finder scope for a large DSLR?

- Most of my imaging will involve car travel and wondered how this scope would handle that.

- Is there anything else that I need?

I have a SynScan modded EQ6 so I think I should be OK as far as overall weight is concerned.

Thanks in advance.

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To answer your questions.

1. Yes. I have a canon 1100d but no baterry grip and it is fine. The focuser is metal so will take the weight.

2. Yes. My camera is not near the finder at all.

3. The t mount adapter is what you need. Screws into camera and then attack he'd to the focussed. FLO will guide you on the right one.

4. Coma corrector is an option but nothing else is essential as far as I am aware.

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