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TMB optical trademark

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I own a TMB Planetary II that I picked up from Astronomics back when the eyepieces were still being produced.  Unfortunately, I didn't buy anymore when the gittin' was good as it were, not that they were ever real common.  I have noted the current message on the Astronomics web site explaining how these eyepieces are now longer made and how the possibility exists to run across apparent copies of the eyepieces.  I have noticed threads on various forums discussing the real ones and the 'clones'.  I note that there are currently some 38 listings, give or take, for 'new' TMB Planetary II eyepieces on ebay.  These invariably are marked with a TMB Optical in a diamond shaped border.

I have discovered that the TMB Optical trademark was cancelled.  Here is a link to that cancellation:   https://trademarks.justia.com/771/37/tmb-optical-77137793.html

As the trademark is no longer in effect, I guess these optical purveyors can mark their stuff anyway they like.  I contacted one of these ebay sellers and asked if these eyepieces were of TMB design.  I received an emphatic 'NO' in that regard.  So, basically, what we have here are eyepieces that kind of look like true TMB Optical products and are marked to lead one to believe they are TMB Optical products, but they aren't.  As such, they don't qualify as clones since a clone is an exact copy.  These are other designs made to catch the eye of people who have heard of TMB.  It is marketing pure and simple.  It seems disreputable to me.  Caveat Emptor.

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Yes, Sub Dwarf, the performance level of the originals is high.  Mine is a 7mm, which gives 290X in my CPC800 SCT.  I like it mucho.  As far as markings, my original from Astronomics is not marked Burgess.  It simply states that it is a TMB Optical Planetary II on one line with a trademark symbol after the TMB.  The focal length is noted on the same level around to the other side of the eyepiece.  I have not ever held one of the Burgess supplied eyepieces.  The knockoffs don't bother with noting a trademark and I have not bothered to procure one to check performance.

It is interesting to note that the prices listed on these things range from the 30 dollar range to the high 50 dollar range.

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