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Flat with Electroluminescent Panel


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Hi all

I was thinking of getting this https://www.adafruit.com/products/414

According to the description It emits an even aqua glow over the entire shape, and you can even cut it into any shape you want using scissors, so that means that I could cut it to fit the cap of my 80ED and just put the cap on when taking flats.

What do you think ? Would this EL light be good for flats ?

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38 minutes ago, MartinB said:

Should be ok but why would you want aqua?

It's the only one that is big enough... the white one are 10X10cm but the cap on my scope is 11x11cm so I need a bit bigger. I looked at the link above but there is a big price difference because the sheets are bigger but I do not need that much...

From what I understand, the color of the panel has no effect on flats (?)

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