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Any suggestions for a shelter?


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After receiving the cost estimate from a carpenter/handyman to turn my existing shed into an observatory with roll off roof I'm rethinking my options (it would be way to expensive).
I'm considering to start out with making at least a concrete base for a fixed pier and make sure I have power (and possibly usb) on the pier. 
In order to make it as convenient as possible I'm now looking into cost effective ways to shelter a setup for short to longer periods of time (not necessarily permanent). 

One of the things I stumbled upon is a Shelter Logic 'shed-in-a-box' which seems to be sturdy enough to withstand some winds and keep a complete setup safe for a longer period of time. 


Any other thoughts/suggestions and ideas? I think there are many people using just a fixed pier in their back garden, so I would assume there is quite some experience with all kinds of solutions and products on this forum :)


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If you intend to leave your equipment in  there you will have a problem with insurance! It will not be regarded as lockable and safe. Depends upon your area and if you think loosing your gear is worth the worry. I would not do it, the fabric shelter I mean.


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