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Livingston Astronomical Society (LAS)


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Good afternoon all. 

I would like to announce the proposed formation of a new astronomical society in the town of Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland.  These are very early stages (to see how it goes) so if anyone from the area is interested please check out the Facebook group (linked below) or if Facebook is not your thing, drop an email to liviastro@gmail.com introducing yourself.



The Livingston Astronomical Society (LAS) is a new Astronomical Society in the town of Livingston, Scotland, and is dedicated to the promotion of astronomy in the area.

LAS as an entity exists at the present time (Feb 2016) entirely online. With interested parties and potential members making themselves known, it is hoped that offline meetups will be arranged for the near future, and from there, regular astronomy activities and events planned and implemented.



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Please note that by mutual agreement of the founding members that the society is now known as the West Lothian Astronomical Society and the Facebook group can now be found HERE and the contact email address is westlothianastro@gmail.com. 

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Hiya Quenzer.

Good luck with your new group, I'm not on facebook myself but I put a post on our observing group forum  - again an entirely online group - to let others know about your venture.

There are a few of us in the area who meet up at various dark sites in the Central Belt and sometimes further afield, check our forum out too.... google CSOG and you should find us.

PS.... the email addy in the first post just bounced back! 

PPS..... Just noticed the second email...... DOH!!

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The PS... and the PPS...
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On 2/16/2016 at 12:11, Quenzer said:

I would like to announce the proposed formation of a new astronomical society in the town of Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland. 

It's good to see a revival. There was an astronomical society in Livingston during the years I lived there, founded I think in 1974. It was very active, and used to hold meetings in Howden House, which I have heard is now derelict. There were regular lectures from members and invited speakers, like the late Michael Gadsden and Archie Roy, though there was also a strong focus on practical astronomy. It even published a regular magazine, called Spectrum, which was also distributed to other societies around the country. I don't know when it folded, but I think it was after several of the driving-force members left the town in work-related moves. Livingston Development Corporation, as was then, did a lot to help the society in those days. It also had an extensive astronomy library, though I think that was donated to the geographically nearest similar society when the original LAS folded.


As an ex-Livingstonian, I do wish the new society, whatever its name, success.

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