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Tadpoles and Flaming Star (Star 71)

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Just a quick(ish) run last night, and the target was fairly close to a bright Moon so the background Ha wasnt as defined as it should be. But I'll revisit because I took another pane to the left in order to grab a cluster and a couple of other small nebs.

Also I decided to up the exposure time for a change, now doing 20min subs but the only downside to that is you dont get a big stack at the end of the night (by which time the sky had gone a bit misty). So, here it is in its current state:


8x1200 (Ha)

Star 71, Atik 383L+, NEQ6


Thanks for looking! :)


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I'm amazed at how much you pulled out of this for 8 x 20 minute subs.  I also set up for the tadpoles to add to what I got the previous night (11 x 15 minutes) - about the same total time but much noisier than yours, but clouds and moon didn't want to play.  Interestingly, I was also going to increase the time to 20 minutes - I am sure it helps with the fainter stuff.


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Thanks guys :)

Chris, yeah that was the idea with the 20min subs - to pull out the wisp/line of Ha that goes across the centre of the image. Ive seen it look quite solid in other images, so I fancied a crack at it. Its probably going to need about 5 or 6 hours to clean it up properly, and Thursday night is a no-no because the Moon will be parked pretty much on top of it. Hopefully I can get some more time on it before packing up for SGL XI.

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