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Is there a best position to park an equatorial mount?


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Exactly as it says in the title. If you have a german equatorial mount is there a best position in which to park it? Is there a general rule? does it vary by scope and mount or, assuming that it's all well balanced, does it no matter?


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I think most would park in the home position, which is scope facing North with the weights pointing down.
My telescope has to be positioned horizontal,, as the RoR  prevents  the traditional position.
On the whole, It doesn't matter I don't believe. With Eqmod, you can programme your own park preference.

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I already park mine at Polaris. (Park and Polaris both start with a P :icon_biggrin:)

I have a Celestron AVX mount. And alignment always begins with my mount set to both index marks. I also set this "neutral" position as my Home Position.

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