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Tripod setup

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Hi I have been reading up a bit, and am a bit confused on how to set the tripod up, some say point a leg to the north and others say to the south.

Is there a correct way or is a matter of personal preference?



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Hi Tony - point the mount North - just rough N will do for observing. If you're imaging it would have to be more accurate. Use the altitude scale to set your latitude on the mount - and tweak bearing with the azimuth bolts if necessary.

Then the mount stays fixed where you placed it and you can point the scope using the RA/Dec axes. Hth :)

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Since the most weight of the mount and telescope is slightly over the center at the N-side of your tripod, you have 1 leg to the north.

If your mount has it's gravity point at the south side, do it the other way.  Simple.

Have fun!!


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