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The new 12" scope and the 'Pup' at last

Mark at Beaufort

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Spent yesterday morning getting the new 12" scope perfectly collimated. I knew that the sky was going to have a brightish Moon but further tests on the new Revelation had to be done.

I started with the Moon and I went looking for the very small craters Armstrong, Collins and Aldrin. I had seen them before using a 180mm Mak/Cass but not as clear and sharp at the Revelation 12" gave me last night.

Feeling confident I looked at the Trapezium and was able to see the stars E and F. Now the big test - Sirius and the Pup. I knew the position of the Pup against the Primary and I am happy to report I obtained the odd glimpse of this difficult double.

Now totally relaxed I viewed a few favouites and the odd Planetary Nebulae. So started with M1 then M41, M46 (taking in the PN NGC 2438), M47, M93, M67 then two nice PNs NGC 2440 and NGC 2346. Ended the night viewing M81, M82, M51, NGC 2903, M65, M66 and NGC 3628.

I am very pleased with the Revelation 12" and I am looking forward to the delights of Coma, Virgo and More Leo



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