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Hi, wonder if anyone can help. Just taken some lunar shots with my phillips webcam and when I run them through Registax 6 I am getting  Range Check Error. It has never happened before and as far as I know nothing has changed. When it does happen I have to go to  taskmanager to get out of it. What I did notice was when I stopped it with taskmaster the image left on the screen seems to have loaded the avi file into the window on the right in registax but the program has froze. Thanks in advance...geoff

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Seems to a problem that crops up quite often with Registax 6, range check error is a Windows error relating to codecs used to read the AVI file and when it occurs it usually freezes Windows so badly you need to reboot the system to get out of it.

The reason that the problem has suddenly appeared could be as a result of a recent Windows update or automatic driver patch.

There are a couple of easy ways around it, you can try first opening the original avi in another video processing program such as VirtualDub and then choose save-as avi, this will save the video file with a different codec version to the original and Registax 6 / Windows might be a little happier, I think running the video file through PIPP does the same thing, or, what many now do, load the original avi into the alternative stacking program Autostakkert, save the stacked output single image as bmp or tif then load that into Registax 6 just to use the wavelets fuction to finish the process.

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Well Oddsocks it worked a treat. Ran the file through PIPP then put it in registax and all was well. Don't know what has happened as I have never had any trouble before although come to think of it I had a massive update from windows the other day, maybe it was something to do with that ? Thanks once again....Geoff

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