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Walking on the Moon

Reprocess of dubblecluster and a "new" addition to the family


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Hello all,

I bought the book: "making every photon count" a couple months ago and read it a couple of times and put it aside and captured some data and tried some editing out of my fingertips and see how i would do.
Since there has been little time for me to get outside lately i have tried to reprocess it with help from the book.
Added a synthetic luminance, flattened the background, kept the color nice and vivid.
In my humble opinion a great improvement over the previous version. (added that in for comparison)
I also added a "new" addition to the scope family.
Andre Kuijpers had a reading in my home town and ofcoarse as astro fanatics, we had to be there. (For those who don't know him, Dutch Astronaut, flew to the ISS twice for 200 days.)
Came up with the idea to have him sign my Explore Scientific!
The result is below! A fantastic signature on a fantastic scope!

My day couldn't get any better!
Clear skies everyone!






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