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Walking on the Moon

NGC2264 Christmas Tree Cluster/ Cone Nebula


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We had a clear night a few nights ago so I had a go at the Cone. The sky was a bit "mucky" so the resulting image is not as clear as I would have liked. The image also includes Hubble's Variable Nebula (NGC2261) on the top right. It was taken with my ED80 and modded Canon 1200d and consists of 11 subs at 600secs ISO1600. I found the processing quite difficult as I wanted to bring out the nebulosity but might have overcooked it.

Any comments and suggestions are welcomed as usual.



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It the sky wasn't co-operating then I think you've done well to get as far as you have. (I was a bit surprised by the loop structure in the lower right but, on looking at mine, I can see it's there. I suspect that it just stands out more, hre, because the cloud has filtered out the very faintest light, exaggerating the loop shape.)


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Thanks Olly. There was a lot of cloud earlier then it "cleared" but the RAW images looked like they had been taken through thin cloud so I think that there was a lot of ice crystals in the sky.

I tried to stretch the nebulosity that i could see to make it more prominent but perhaps I went a bit far with the loop bit. I had to denoise quite a bit as the background looked mucky before. I did two runs at DBE which helped a lot.



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