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buying Baader S-II 8 nm & 8.5nm OIII


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  i am looking  forward to buy Narrow-band filters for my qhy9s-m  i have already got a baader Ha- 7mn in my filter wheel , and i would like to have a feedback before i go to buy the filter from members who have experience with the baader narrow band filter ,, please note that i will use it to escape from the light pollution (red zone)

waiting for you feedback


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Can I be so bold as to clear a misconception. Narrowband filters do not allow you to escape light pollution they simply improve your signal to noise ratio by only letting a select or narrowband wavelength through to the CCD. The sky is always better at dark sites irrespective of the filter choice but narrowband filters certainly make the results more palatable under light polluted skies.

I use the full set of Baader narrowband filters and they are excellent. I use both the 1.25" & the fast 2" filters and the results are superb. The OIII filter, and this is not just the Baader, does not like imaging in anything less than a 1/2 moon- the gradients become just as bad as an RGB  filter.

You can see an example of a Hubble palette I shot with the Baader full set of narrowband filters below under heavily light polluted skies. The results are quite acceptable so go for it!





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