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G182.4+4.3 Supernova remnant

Tom How

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 This is G182.4+4.3 in Auriga using the 3nm Astrodon Ha filter.  About 25x1500s, around 10 hours exposure.  I've included three images here. The basic stretched version, an aggressive star-removed one, and a negative presentation. The negative probably shows the most. 

Judging by the nice filamentary structure, this would work nicely with the other narrowband filters, but I don't think that will happen this year.

This is right on the limit of what can be done with my setup - the stars already dominate the image to the point of hiding the nebula. Probably explains why I've not yet found another amateur image of this target.

Using a Takahashi Sky 90 doublet refractor FL 409mm @ F4.5 


Takahashi Sky 90 
Atik 490 CCD Camera
Takahashi F4.5 reducer/flattener
Astrodon 3nm Ha filter
Off axis guider with SX Lodestar.
Homemade telescope mount.
Homemade telescope observatory dome.


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1 hour ago, wimvb said:

...The authors of the article you referred to used a 1.5 m telescope to get their data. So this is very impressive.


Ah, but their images show extreme closeups of the features. And they did some spectroscopic studies. They were doing proper adult science. I'm just having fun. :)

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7 hours ago, Thalestris24 said:

Impressive image of a faint object! Also impressed by your diy kit!

Thanks! :)

I've always taken a rather unconventional route with kit...  As we all know, astronomy kit loves to throw its toys out of the pram occasionally.  I find it less stressful to resolve problems if I made the pram in the first place, rather than battling with some anonymous black box. 


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