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The Celestron Nexstar handset also requires degrees, minutes and seconds for the location coordinates. Using a site like this this one gives you your location in degrees and minutes. The minutes are decimalised so you will need to convert the decimal portion to seconds using the same method as above. The Nexstar handset also has a database of locations for US and international locations so selecting "Manchester" , if it is on the database could be a quick option.

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9 minutes ago, Bino Pete said:

The longitude coordinates on my phone app reads -

3o 39' 1" (numbers slightly changed for E-safety) 

but my goto handset requires it inputted as - XXXo XX' XX" so would I put it in as 003o 39' 01"?


Yes, that is the correct format. Minutes and seconds of a degree are always entered as a two digit number between 00 and 59

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