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Rosette Reprocessed (HOO & Cannistra)

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Ok, I've given this a good old bashing in photoshop to eliminate those pesky blue blotches and pull back on the stretching of the luminance channel to cut out the noise. To be honest I'd have liked to have a better set of OIII but I think its just about enough for something passable(ish!).







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I like the HOO version best.  It "looks" more natural to me, but still shows all the detail, as well as having very nice star colours which I like.  I looked at this in the full size version, and I don't think pulling back on the luminance stretching has done any harm at all.  Superb.


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Thanks guys :)

3 hours ago, cardconvict said:

Passable this image is gorgeous I would not be so down on it.

Its probably down to the standard I set for myself, I didnt expect so much outlying Ha so it felt like the background was bit unbalanced and therefore harder to control when I stretched the image - an unexpected consequence of a wider FOV I guess :)

I suppose I didnt do myself any favours by using the Ha flats for the OIII data either!

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The luminence  data looks terrific Rob but there's something about the deliniation between the Ha and OIII colour which looks a bit odd, a bit too abrupt.  Never done a bicolour of the rosette so haven't a clue really!

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