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Walking on the Moon

First attempt at Orion... Help needed


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Hi everyone,

Now, let me start by saying that I know there is a LOT wrong with this... but I'm a noob after all :icon_biggrin:

I know the focus is a bit off, mount could be better aligned, processing is questionable, oh, and that big orange blob!

All of these issues I can work on (the 'blob' is caused by external light getting onto the sensor as I don't yet have a t-ring for my camera and it was just poked against the end of the telescope)

The one thing I'm not sure how to resolve is those arching rings.

I see them when using an eyepiece too, so I'm guessing they are something to do with the scope.

What are they?

What causes them?

How can I get rid of them?


Thanks for taking the time to read my post



Equipment used:

Celestron 127 XLT

Celestron CG-4

Canon 450d



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Despite the problems it's a good image of the Orion Nebula especially for a hand held shot.

I guess the arches are some form of internal reflection.  I'm not familiar with your kit, but it might pay to check that all internal surfaces are a dull black finish, especially around any joints/threads.

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Jesus that is awesome, how on earth did you manage to get so much detail handheld? i couldnt possibly hand hold against the scope long enough.

Was that a long single sub or lots of short exposures? its way better than i'm getting with the camera attached, well done :homework:.

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Crikey! No, not handheld. 

If my hands were that steady I wouldn't need a tripod... Just pick up scope and point at sky, would save loads of time :icon_biggrin:

The camera was attached to the scope with an afocal bracket. My new (used) camera arrived before the t-ring, but I couldn't wait to try it!

The image is made of 8x60sec subs (is that what you call them?), a couple of of darks and stacked in DSS. Then tweaked in PS




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12 minutes ago, happy-kat said:

If you are into DIY you might find this read I came across yesterday interesting re internal reflections

I can't see a link. Maybe because I'm on my phone not on my computer. 

I think it is indeed something to do with internal reflections. After doing a bit of searching and reading it seems it's a common problem with SCT's. 

I'm seriously considering flocking inside the tube, secondary baffle, and the exit baffle. 

Even though I consider myself pretty handy, opening up my scope is quite a daunting thought! 



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