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Scopedome 2M. Anyone?


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Dear All,

I'm thinking of purchasing a Scopedome 2M system. Is there anyone out there having this configuration as remote setup? I'd like to have your comments on the product.

Thanks a lot for any info you have.


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There was some comment on Scopedomes a little while ago. Apparently it said that the reason that there were no English/Scotish/Welsh suppliers, only some one in Ireland, was that there had been problems with Scopedome company. I am not sure that was what now. I was looking into possibly buying one myself. There was another post somewhere about the dome not rotating smoothly. yet another saying that there was some reason it was not suitable for remote control because the dome did not shut reliably.

Please do not take these comments as absolutely correct as I do not. But it does require some investigation. There is an Australian video of one being erected, it does look rather bendy when it is being manoeuvred into position. By that I mean not very substantial with enough rigidity. I am certainly not ruling them out though! It just needs more research. The idea and shape look very good. But with the company being in Poland I believe maybe difficult to get things sorted out if there is a problem. Yet they deliver all over the world.

I am still looking into the feasibility for myself.


There is a thread here on SGL under "Scopedome" 10th Dec 2013


Also see http://video.londonsportsuk.co.uk/?p=3431



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Hey Nicola.

My Scopedome 3M had first light last September last year. I use it for fully unattended and remote imaginag, and it works very well. The construction quality is phenomenal, and electronics very thought through. It was put together by the company that works close with Scopedome, as assembly is not totally simple.

The software works well, but has one flaw when its 'flooded' with commands to turn (happens for some reason with SGP commanding the dome) it will not close shutter correctly sometimes in an event if the weather station reports bad weather. This is obviously a catastrophic failure, but only happens in connection with SGP. If the Scopedome software is connected to the Scope and calculates the rotation its self this does not happen.

One great this scopedome has, is they provide absolutely excellent support. I am regularely in contact with the designer of the hard & software, and he replies within merely 1-2 hours with valuable input. I am sure he will also be able to fix this 'command flooding' problem fast.

If you need any info, just pm me or write here, happy to help.


Kind regards, Graem

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Hi Nicola.

Would interest me what choice you made (if you already chose?)

I also quickly had a look at your link. Doesn't look bad either. The assembly is included, and thats not the case with ScopeDome. I had a german Team fly in to my location and put it together as assembly without knowledge is not recommended (and it took even 2 professionals 2 full days to do it). The assembly was extremely expensive compared to the dome price itsself, still hurts to date....

But what a difference to this hobby having a dome! Don't regret it yet! :)

Kind regards, Graem

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