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First successful picture (well nearly) - M45

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Been playing around with my son's Nikon D5000, initially either piggy backed on my Explorer 130P / EQ2-motor or from a static tripod.  Finally (after many issues with focus), I got an okayish sequence of Comet Catalina. TAS then took hold (the equivalent of GAS in music i.e. Guitar Acquisition Syndrome :icon_biggrin:) and I bought a Star Adventurer and also Paintshop Pro X8 (couldn't find a windows installer of GIMP 2.9.2).  After more issues with focus, I managed to get a reasonable sequence of lights of the Pleiades and had a shot at post processing them in X8. Here is the result:

Nikon D5000, 18-55mm kit lens (at 55mm), 30 x 60s Lights, 30 x 120s Lights, 15 x 120s Darks, NEF files processed in DSS, 16 bit TIFF post processed in PSP X8.

Still plenty of learning in X8 needed.


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You've done well- a nice first image. I like the object framing & the number of captured stars. The next time you try increase the number of exposures & tighten the focus. The increase in exposure numbers will help reduce the noise in the image & brighten the fainter stars. You have captured a good level of nebulosity around the stars - so on to greater results!

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