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Walking on the Moon

First sketch with Lunt 50mm PT


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Hi all,


now finally after waiting for ages (at least it feels like this :smirk: ), I had a another look at our home star through my new Lunt 50mm H-alpha telescope. We've been visiting my in-laws yesterday and this time I did my first sketch with reddish pastels.

I'm not fully happy with the result: I used pastels and pastel pencils in different reddish colours (yellow, orange, dark orange, etc.) but it seems that they are not exactly just different brightness of the same color tone. Instead they appear to be really different colors.So I'm still trying with those to improve my results. As an alternative attempt maybe I'll go for just doing a sketch with chalk and charcoal like I do with my lunar sketches and put the color on it later at the computer.


What I'm fully happy with is that I could show the sun in H alpha light to my family yesterday. They were indeed impressed. :) 


Telescope: Lunt LS50THa B600 PT

Eyepiece: Celestron X-cel 10mm

Date & Time:  February 6th, 2016 / 1500-1530 CET

Location: balcony, Dortmund area, Germany

Technique: orange and red pastels and pastel pens on black sketching cardbox


Hope you like it!


Achim :)


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