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Walking on the Moon

At last the Sun is out 07-02 -16


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Hey there is blue sky out there :happy8: This unusual event made me go and out the scope out.

It seems an absolute age since I got to see some solar and I am very pleased to say the least.

There are a few nice proms between the 1 and 3 O'clock positions (even an Eifel tower prom) and a solitary hedge around the 8 O'clock position....Great viewing.

On the surface there are some nice spots not to far left of centre, some lovely filaments on display all enhanced by a lovely peppering of granulation.

Sorry for the brief description but I do not want to miss anything and it has been some time.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ciao for now :happy11:

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I guess I spoke to soon ..... Completely grey again by the time I got back downstairs and into the garden :happy6:

I mustn't complain though, fifteen minutes of sun is a lot better than nothing at all and it was a very good fifteen minutes after all :happy8: The cloud is moving very fast, in fact it is is moving as fast as I have ever seen it move before, so maybe I might get another opportunity soon :happy11:

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