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Query re Altitude bolts on an SW EQ5 Pro Mount

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Recently acquired my first scope  and mount from two different sellers, an SW 200PDS and an SW EQ5 Pro - both seem good, no rust, dings, dust and motors operate smoothly and quietly.

Not been able to take them out yet so was looking to set them up and get to know them indoors. Following the setting up blog on Astronomy Shed I've used a spirit level to get level legs in three directions.

Now trying to set the altitude indicator to the correct setting of just over 51 degrees for my location - however when I slacken both altitude bolts off, the range of free movement of the mount does not cover the range of the black degree scale on the side of the mount, and does not reach to 51 - more like 49 degrees. The plastic altitude scale does not appear loose or moveable. Is this normal or should I ignore?

Should I apply some force to attempt to get full movement of mount or is there a probability of something jammed or tight in the mechanism? Is this a known issue with mounts?



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As just stated, you don't loosen both bolts. You loosen one and tighten the other to push the mount into place. Even with one bolt loose, tightening the other can be hard work. You do need to be careful about bending the bolts and some people do replace them with better quality and easier to turn alternatives.

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Some really sound advice is to exchange the existing bolts ( more affectionately known as bendy bolts ) for new stainless steel ones, kits can be had, or you can make your own, before one does bend and you could possibly be faced with quite a job, trying to remove it, enjoy the forum :) 

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