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Light for sketching


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I'm new and I'd like to do some sketching (if we ever get a clear night again), probably starting with the moon. For normal observation I have a small LED torch with the lens painted with nail varnish. I wondered what other people use when sketching since you have to be able to see the paper. Probably with the moon I can use a brighter light but suppose I wanted to sketch the Orion nebula. I thought one of those head band lamps might be good.




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I believe that some use a dim (perhaps with swivel head) single LED red light torch that clips onto a clip board.  The same specification as as a head torch would likely suffice. Whilst I do not use it for sketching, I use a single Red LED Petzl Elite head torch. Sketching at night will probably also require you to respond to your senses a little more, in feeling your way around the paper and as far as possible becoming dark adapted - which in turn will enable you to become more sensitive to see more of your subject. A bright moon will likely provide enough light on those other occasions. 

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Here is an interesting little gadget I recently ordered.  It works a charm, and I’m sure others can benefit from it also:

Photon Micro

They have a red light option, and it is fully dimmable.  It has a clip that can attach on to things as well as something I’ve never seen before - a finger strap, so the light can be attached to a finger while sketching.  Very handy.

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