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AZ-EQ5GT Stellariumscope / EQMOD / ASCOM Overflow message


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Hi All,

I had trouble with the above mount when i tried to connect via Stellaruimscope, I consistently got an Oveflow message and could not get a scope cursor to show on Stellarium even though the mount seemed to track ok.

Digging around other forums I came across the fact that the problem is specific to the mount. When setting the ASCOM properties you need to enable Advanced Settings and then set the teeth count.

Total Steps = 5184000

Worm Steps = 384000

Tracking Offset = 0

These are set in both RA and DEC, then make sure that "Custom Mode Enabled" is checked.




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Version 1.29a of EQASCOM has now been issued to the EQMOD Yahoo group for testing.  This verison should automaically detect the AZEQ5GT and EQ8 mounts and correct for the erroneous worm step values they report (AZEQ5GT reports a value of 0 which caused a divide by zero error - hence the overflow error you saw.)


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