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Orion Nebula

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hey everyone, got out for a little while on Tuesday and got this pic of the Orion nebula,i was using my canon 100d again with the settings  at 10sec exposure, 1600 iso and f5.6 at 55mm, like i said before im very new to this, i took 20 lights and 10 darks, i didint take any flats or bias (correct me if im wrong there) as im not really sure about those yet. i did a little processing in DSS and lightroom. Any help with editing  and taking better pics would be great, also im not in a dark sky area so im happy with what i can capture. 

orion neb2 (Custom).jpg

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Great start well done ! I wouldn't worry about flats and bias for a while yet . I'm assuming you have the camera piggyback so it's tracking ?? If not your going to be very limited in your exposure . If it is piggyback try some longer exposures 

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Thank you very much, I'm not tracing yet but I will do when I buy the right equipment. I have got a skywatcher 130 with an eq2 mount with a motor to track. Would this do a good job tracking if I piggy back my scope? Still yet to polar align it as not 100% sure I do it correct, I've been to a telescope shop and they did show me a tracking piece that is for a camera, it was a little expensive but I'll save for it one day?Thanks for your comment

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