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Quasar 10.5Bly distant in Virgo


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Observed a number of galaxies in Leo Virgo and UMA last night. Did a long stack 19x30s on NGC4666 and the field around it with the USM x2 bin at F5. Was trying to hunt out a couple of Quasars in the region.

Virgo is still low here so the galaxy was only at about 20 deg altitude - not ideal for hunting out faint objects but still gave it ago. But the worst part was that I realized today morning that I did not save a 16bit FIT image, only a 8 bit PNG aargh...!

Nevertheless proceeded to stretch and annotate the png. Still managed to just barely get to mag 19.3 and did manage to bag one 18.8 mag Quasar with a redshift of 1.68 (as per Martin's deep maps) which puts it at ~10.5Bly distant.



Ngc4666 Superwind 19x30s.png


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