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vixen flip mirror + hotech field flattener


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Hi everyone

I'm wondering whether I can attach the ff to the fm. I'd only need the ff at the camera end of the fm. Does anyone know of a suitable adapter? I think it's t2 female on the fm after the 1.25 tube is unscrewed. So maybe t2 female to 2" female??? Dunno. If anyone has hands on that would be great.




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Yeah, thanks for the input. I tried Hotech but I couldn't get a definite answer beyond try it and Vixen just don't reply. 

It comes down to getting the object on the camera sensor. I'm using just the camera viewfinder for brighter objects at the moment. I've tried also takng say 10s shots and looking where the object is, but manipulating it into the centre of the field like that is well nigh impossible. 

The flip mirror is great because you can see faint objects too. Anyway, who knows. I'm very new to all thi. I'm sure something will click.

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Just a warning about the Vixen flip mirror.

I have stopped using mine for astrophoto since it gives odd reflections in my images. I had the camera (Canon 60Da with a 2" ES flattener attached) at the back so the light should just go strait through but I expect there are some internal reflections created by the mirror. You see them in this image (ES 80ED refractor), starting at 2 a clock with a big one and then several smaller ones spreading out and getting fainter (locking like elongates x-es)


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First, you have to change the 1.25" eyepiece tube on the back of the flip mirror to a 2" one, like this one:


I have a Canon EOS so I attach it with an EOS-T2 adapter to the T2 thread on the ES flattner. The flattener is like a 2" eyepiece so you just push it into the 2" eyepiece tube. This is the flattener I talk about:


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