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Chinese Moon Lander images

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Some excellent images from the Chinese mission - thanks for posting the link.

The image of "Pyramid Rock" is really detailed if you zoom into it.


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Those are really great images of the Lunar surface, interesting is the apparent depth of the regolith, not very much, when you consider how long the Moon has been in existence. Thanks for posting Andrew :)

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Yes very nice post, havent seen any of these before. Despite the usual ignorant comments at the bottom its an interesting article. The pyramid rock does get me scratching my head a little. The surface and shape of the rock would appear to indicate weathering but cant get my head around how?

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The guess here is that the "pyramid rock" is Olivine and is ejecta rather than a piece of the asteroid that struck the moon. It probably cooled rather slowly. That guess is because of the grainy texture and rather large crystalline segments embedded in it. Weathered?  I don't think so. That appearance may be due to the extreme temperature differences that it endures constantly.

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Interesting theory Jim and one that sounds very plausible to me. I guess a freeze thaw explanation would count as weathering anyway. Out of interest would that be suggesting the formation of water ice during the cold season?

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I cannot talk to that question with any authority. It was not my "guess". It was a much more knowledgeable member of another astro site. I personally know very little about geology and rocks in general, but no, There is no indication of water related weathering as far as  know. Here on Earth we have water that fills the micro cracks in rock surfaces and exacerbates the weathering process, but the much more extreme temperature variations on Luna would, I think, make up for the lack of water.  I was speculating that the temperature extremes and the related expansion and contraction cycles would naturally crack and fracture the surface of a rock in the conditions that are found on the lunar surface.

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