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Walking on the Moon

Cosmonauts- Science Museum, London


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Took myself off to see the Cosmonauts Exhibition at the Science Museum in London yesterday.

Despite the large queue outside at opening time there were not that many people in to see the Russian displays which allowed me a long liesurely look around. This is the first time such a collection has been exhibited outside of Russia and covers the early history of the Soviet space up to MIR the Russian space station.

Amongst the displays were Sputnik, the first Lunar landers, the first Venus lander, Tereshkova's capsule (First woman in Space) and the Lunar lander that was going to be used to put the first Russian on the Moon. The accompanying text displays were well written and threw up some interesting facts.

One of the founding fathers of the Russian Space Programme Sergei Korolev spent time in the Gulags in Stalin's era, his mug shots and prison uniform are on display. The exhibition finishes at the end of March.

After that I went to see the other space exploration and cosmology displays. A really good day out. Parking on meters is free on a Sunday and I found parking in Queen's Gate about a quarter of a mile from the Science Museum.

I was going to upload some images but the new site is preventing me from doing this!!! Grrrr


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I'm holidaying in London in August.
Is that exhibition on for a while, as I would like to visit. I usually do go to the Science Museum,
but I would make it a must if the Cosmonauts Exhibits are still there.



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