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Selling my OTA/mount and a few other bits


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Hey chaps, I'm going to be selling off my gear as I've not used it much and simply cannot trust leaving it in my observatory any more after my shed was broken into. Ideally i'd like to sell it all together for a price of £600, I've lost a lot of money here but needs must.

 It has been used with extensive care, there is the odd scratch and paint chips on the weights as they are often removed and transported together. The primary mirror will require a clean and may need collimating as it's not been used for a few months and has been stored inside. The mount does have slight pen marks where I have used them to quickly revert back to the home postpositions when aligning to the stars. The mount too has had some modifications to it, one of the longitudinal bolts and the azimuth bolts have been removed and replaced with bolts due to the stock bolts being inferior and breaking. This allows you to be slightly more precise now with the use of a spanner instead of a small handle and twist knob. The eye pieces are the stock ones, cheaply made and with the intention of the user to upgrade, the eye surrounds on them have degraded and fell off but does not effect the viewing performance. Around the optical tube is a dew shield that I made to also protect it from knocks and scratches, this has been on since the first week I purchased it. Currently for sale is :


200P OTA

eq5mount with synscan kit

Castell UHC filter 1.25"

Solar filter

Canon T adapter

remote control focus unit

2x barlow lens 1.25"

Super 25 wide angle eye piece 

Super 10 eye piece

Serial to USB converter

Serial to 10 pin connector 

Coma corrector (m48 i think)

Red bulb torch

Cigarette power lead

Mains power lead

Small dovetail saddle

Synscan EQ5 kit

Tripod base

Pier extender



Located in Manchester, UK.

Thank you, Robert.






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Yes i would be, it was welded down but since i've removed the weld and ground back to a flush finish so there is a part where it is a little rusty but its only cosmetic if that doesn't bother you. I got it for £90 but its incredibly heavy. Can see it here in this image.


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