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Using Skyris 132M with PHD2 on Mac

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I'm just starting to make decisions on what autoguider setup to put together and since I already have a Skyris 132M I thought about trying that as the guide camera.

However, although the camera works fine with the Celestron supplied software (under Windows), what I'd really like to do is use it with PHD2 under OSX. Has anyone tried this combination -  I plugged the camera into my MacBook Pro this afternoon but PHD2 doesn't list the Skyrim cameras and none of this listed appeared to work - they all gave errors. 

Although Celestron say the cameras are supported by PHD for auto guiding, I assume these camera's are simply not supported under PHD2 or is it the fact I'm trying to do it on the Mac, thats th problem here?

Anyone got any experience with this?


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Hi Matt

Although the Celestron site claims to support OSX I can't find any trace of any OSX drivers or software anywhere on their site. Despite the assertion on the Skyris product pages to look on the Support section of 'this page' neither that or the general Support pages (inc the Manuals & Software pages) offer OSX drivers. In fact, the only Skyris offering is dated 2013.

I think I'll drop their Support page a request for info and see what they say.

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