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Hello and are there any star parties in South / southwest uk ?

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Hello all, iv been interested in astronomy for 3 years now, and have recently bought some kit to get me started, it would be great to meet some like minded people to help me on my way...

however, im struggling to find any star parties that happen around the south? Do they happen regularly around here? I have no issues driving 100 miles each way if necessary (which it is to find less light polluted areas :/ )

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I'd find out what your local Astro Society is and contact them. Most societies have regular outreach type events to give folks a taste of observing and also sessions to help folks who have scopes get the best from them.

I'm a member of Bristol AS and we do both of the above at least monthly (weather allowing !) but there is bound to be a society closer to you than that.


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Hi Steve and welcome to the forum. I agree with the above posts, that if you want to improve knowledge skills etc then joining an astro club and attending their public viewing sessions will add greatly to that endeavour.

Clear skies and hope you enjoy your stay.

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Hi and welcome Steve, I went to the Sixpenny Handley Star party last year, you're a bit closer to it than me so pretty accesible.

Have a look at the star parties section on here for info about it.


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Hi & Welcome :),

if you are after a group for just observing / imagining evening (no lecture / talk evenings), try Hantsastro who meeting up at Butser Ancient Farm just off the A3.  They meeting up on good nights during the week / weekend and tend to organise themselves via Facebook (Hantsastro Facebook page) or e-mails.  I had a bit of a falling out with the organiser of the group, so do not attend any of the meetings anymore, but it is a very good, friendly group.  I think they organise a star party or two as well, but never been to one.

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Welcome to SGL.

To the best of my knowledge, there are several star parties within your range.

SGL (Hereford) - 105 miles

Sixpenny Handley - 54 miles

Herstmonceaux - 106 miles

Isle of Wight - 70 miles

Further Afield, the Autumn Equinox Star Party at Kelling Heath is a huge event (possibly the largest in Europe) with loads of stalls and a huge 'astroboot' second hand gear sale  - 198 miles.  Only problem is that pitches sell like hot cakes and the vast majority of pitches sell within hours/days of going on sale.

SGL is a really friendly event (as are all of them) with lots of socialising, lots of advice available, and the cafe sells some wicked beer. - there are still a few spots available if you get in quick. :icon_biggrin:


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