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A couple of questions..


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So, ive been imaging for a few months ( weather permitting ) and decided its time to upgrade my Laptop.. i7, 8 gig ram and a massive 1tb harddrive for storage with photos ( as raw files are huge! )

Now , qhy drivers for qhy5 Doesn't work on windows 10! Agh! As there not recognised in phd2! Is that windows 10 ( Which I think is just complete Rubbish! )  or just me being abit daft?

Also, I think its time to upgrade my focuser on my SW 200p explorer as its just the standard focuser.. I'm thinking a dual speed Crawford - http://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-focusers/skywatcher-dual-speed-low-profile-1252-inch-crayford-focuser.html just so I can get focus on most things with filters etc would this work?  ( Feeling abit Rich today.. Don't know why..  )

So at current my current rig is running the camera and telescope on the new laptop ( Left on the picture )  and phd2 on the old windows 7 laptop ( Right ) , but obviously I would love to run on just the one as it will save room and plug sockets!


Its just far to messy!






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Another solution would be to put the Win7 outside (in a plastic crock box), run all your cameras etc from that and then remote control it all via Teamviewer (on the Win10 machine) over powerline networking. It would also help you keep the cold out by shutting that window too!

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Think its time to downgrade back to 8 ( Pc world were kind enough to give me a usb stick with windows 8 on >.< ) I would use a laptop outside only thing is, I don't have any power sources outside and would need to leave old one plugged in ( Battery shot ).

As for moonlight focuser.. I'm feeling rich, but not a super rich ^_^ might have a looksie on Fleabay and see what I can pick up :)


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